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What is a Harmonium?

Harmonium is an instrument that was invented in Europe during the 19th century, yet is particularly popular among Indian/spiritual music. The harmonium’s sound is powered by pressurized air passing through a series of reeds. The wooden box-like instrument has a keyboard along its topside to maneuver the reeds while air is breathed through the bellows, resembling those of an accordion. Typically in the west, players favor a more melancholic mood, while a fast beat energetic mood is most often found within eastern styles of play. Harmonic melodies are brought to life delivering tones synchronistic with that of our own voice. The harmonium invites our senses to dive into a deeper engagement as we strive to re-align with divine sound vibrations radiating within.  

About Harmonium Chanting

“The nature of reality is vibration. Sound is the source of all manifestations. Hazrat Inayat Khan said, ‘The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.’ When you experience the power of sound—which is the power of music—you hold the key, which can alter your destiny. Mantra provides a powerful tool that can release you from your past karmas (or conditioned habits) which reside in your body as mental patterns.” 

-Sharon Gannon 


“Chanting mantra is a sacred yogic sadhana. It is a practice of inviting yogic wisdom to directly permeate your life. When you do this with sincerity, these mystical sounds and their healing vibrations have the capacity to open up sacred knowledge, wisdom and peace within you.“

-Jivamukti Chant Book Intro by Manorama


“The word Mantra means man (thought or heart) + tra (tool) so Mantra is a tool to calm the mind and help us access our spiritual heart.”

-Jivamukti Chant Book intro by Manorama

What is Bhakti?

Bhakti , sometimes called Yoga of Feeling or of the Heart, is one of the four main paths of yoga and one of the Five Tenets of Jivamukti. Simply, it means devotion to God, and involves dedicating our practice to something higher than our own ego. Some of the main Bhakti practices cherished by Jivamukti are chanting kirtan, and Satsang. Devotional singing, kirtan, is a bhakti practice, which can elevate the fire of emotion to devotion, and melt away the faithlessness of our hearts which may have become hardened by years of intellectual bondage. When the river of tears floods the mind, the soul is carried to the shores of the Divine Heart, there to drop into the embrace of the Beloved. “Home (OM) at last.” The Jivamukti Yoga Chant book contains not only Sanskrit mantras but also devotional songs from many wisdom traditions and spiritual paths. Satsang, gatherings of those who seek the truth, is the other key bhakti practice...and at Jivamukti satangs, you’re likely to always find a harmonium

people singing and playing instruments
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
The Jivamukti Chant book: Harmonium Course Vol. 1

Om saha navavatu
The Jivamukti Chant book: Harmonium Course Vol. 2

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih
The Jivamukti Chant book: Harmonium Course Vol. 3


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